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Pad See Ew with Tofu & Mikado Spinach

When I’m craving something light and flavorful, yet am feeling unmotivated to cook, this is the dish I turn to. Pad see ew is simply flat rice noodles stir-fried with soy sauce. My meatless version with fried tofu and mikado spinach only takes 15 minutes to whip up, making it an ideal work from home lunch or satisfying weeknight dinner after a demanding work day.

Bún Riêu | Crab & Tomato Noodle Soup

There are a handful of dishes that I turn to time and again because I can make them in my sleep. The simplicity and familiarity of these dishes wrap me in a soothing blanket of comfort with every bite. When I’m low on creativity and motivation, I pull from my repertoire of these tried and true dishes. Bún riêu is among those dishes for me because I can whip it up in no time. Not only does it require minimal effort, it also has a satisfying combination of savory + slightly tart + umami flavors that hits the spot every time!

Solitude in Confinement

The halting decrescendo of the urban symphony pulsating through the city’s streets abruptly faded into a deafening silence following the confinement order. The bustling whir that once animated my day-to-day has temporarily given way to an achingly muted solitude. As we all retreated to our respective nests, the quiet stillness reverberated throughout the confines of my home. I tried to drown out the hushed air with music and the sounds from my own routine movements, but eventually the murmur of my own voice eclipsed all else.

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