A few years ago, I packed my bags and embarked on a matrimonial adventure with a Frenchnamese in the burbs of Paris. Sounds peachy, right? Well, it wasn’t all buttery croissants and leisurely strolls along the Seine. Adapting to life here hasn’t been a picnic, but fixating on the unpleasantries of living in France and yearning for the familiarity of home was tainting my experiences here. So as we rang in the year of the goat, I decided to turn over a new leaf. Resolving to leave behind my morosity and to start fresh this year, I hatched Plated Palate to breathe some new life into my appetite and cooking. Come join me on my journey as I rediscover the cuisine of my own culture and that of my adopted home country. Here you will find a collection of recipes of my favorite things to cook and eat–Vietnamese foods and French pastries–peppered with occasional stories of my life in France.


Moi à Nice

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